Aaron Wall

That is my name. I am not a crazy - proud of it sort of guy. In fact I spent most of my life horribly depressed. We all have less than perfect roots, but I think I have seen more screwed up things than most people see in a lifetime - by the age of 24. A quick example would be that I have already stopped a person from committing suicide and my sister is wrongfully in jail for over a score.

I coupled some of my inadequate feelings with an occupation in the navy. I had no idea how extreme the suicidal depression that would follow was. I do not recommend becoming a nuclear reactor operator on a special operations fast attack submarine. I drank until I stopped breathing multiple times. The first time the navy aimed at helping me, or acknowledging my problems with that lifestyle or environment was when they destroyed my work records (illegal) and kicked me out of the navy.

This made me angry and I wanted the world to know it. I created a site about the navy and in making people find it I found a new career as an internet marketer. If you search on Google for "Search Marketing" I will bo one of the top few people.


I am not promoting 5 HTP to make money. I have the ability to promote anything in the world. If I was trying to make money I would be promoting something expensive. I would be promoting the drugs that I think are hurting people. If I would have known about 5 HTP when I was in the navy perhaps it could have helped me get through. When I feel bad I take 5 HTP. Now that I have found what I want to do (internet marketing), I rarely feel bad!

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The internet is an amazing tool that can save lives and make dreams come true.

In life may you find what you are looking for

- Aaron Wall

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