So a student or doctor of medicine at decided to tell me I am FULL OF SHIT.

There are shitty workers in any field. A shitty accountant can loose your money. A shitty doctor can kill you. Just because your doctor says something, it is not necissarily true. They may be FULL OF SHIT.

"Youre not a doctor, but why you give out all this medical advice and say its 100% cure to depression and all this other statements? That is just wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself "
(which essentially amounts to "Aaron you are FULL OF SHIT")

I then sent this doctor (or doctor to be) a reply.
view the link
grow up
(which essentially amounts to "Trisin you are FULL OF SHIT")

this doctor (or doctor to be) sent me a reply a reply.
why you tell me to "grow up"?
not only youre not a doctor,
but youre pretty immature.

go to med school first before you
start giving out all these medical
advice. that is just unethical
and wrong.

I am just sharing my opinion.
(which essentially amounts to "Aaron you are FULL OF SHIT")

I then sent this doctor (or doctor to be) a reply
you write an article that is CORRECT and I will promote your opinion free of being an internet marketer and all... I can make you an important doctor worth way more than your degree :)

how about you try living suicidally depressed for a few years before your degree tells you what medication works
i personally have experienced the effects of prozac, mdma, 5htp and probably know a decent bit more than you would think
bet you did not even read my webpage either
may your degree make you a good person
hope you make the drug companies billions
grow up
(which essentially amounts to "Mr/MRs Ramon you are FULL OF SHIT")

I then got a conclusive reply stating who was FULL OF SHIT.
sorry, didnt read your whole web page.
but then I went over it some
more and did see your mentions
on not being a doctor and your
sorry about that.
well, you take care

good webpage btw.very informative

Now that this doctor has came around I feel better about myself. This should teach us all a lesson though. Because this doctor (or future doctor) has (or will have) a degree they felt compelled to tell me I am FULL OF SHIT with only glancing at my page.

Now that they opened their eyes maybe they will stay that way. There are many bad doctors though. I usually consult reality and nature...then a doctor... as frequently they are FULL OF SHIT.